Top-10 Most Popular/ Watched Sports In America 2020

Sports is a global language spoken by many around the world. Not limited to  nationality and ethnic tribe. The authenticity of our claim can further be verified by world war I,  when rivals soldiers of the British and German Army held a football match in no Man’s Land during a Christmas period truce in 1914. The ability of sports to server a a catalyst in bringing people together  cannot be overemphasized. During major championship finals such as the FIFA World Cup Final, the UEFA Champions League Final, the NBA playoffs Final or the Stanley Cup Finals, the world can be described as “held spell-bound”. But among the contesting sporting events, only a handful have managed to draw huge fan bases. The follower ship of these sporting events has a close correlation with geographical location —this this we discuss in depth in our  top-10 most popular / watched  sports in America in 2020.

The United States remains a country with remarkable sports heritage, from luxury horse racing, high school basketball tournament to the star-studded Major Soccer League. Sports are one of the major activities that dominate the social activity of the average American. As the love of sports continue to be predominant, We bring you the  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States, from the least favourite to the most favourite.

10. Wrestling

A house hold favorite, wrestling has definitely come of age. It is Undoubtedly and unarguably one of the most-watched and popular sports televised  in the USA. The sport has given birth to popular stars and actors such as Dwayne Johnson and  several several others who rode on the back of WWE to become super stars. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) considered to be the pinnacle of professional wrestling, has been the major factor that has attracted millions to the sports. The rise of several other pro wrestling events such as All Elite Wrestling will further consolidate Wrestling as one of the most popular sports in America. This puts Wrestling  at position 10 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

9. Motorsports

Motorsports is also loved by Americans and in our classification the 9th most watched sports on the American continent. Its prominence in the sporting world took a dramatic turn with the arrival of  young stars in the game some of which are  of Americans decent  have helped grow interest in the number of Americans interested in the sports. Formula 1 particularly has been a form of a crusader for followers and lovers of Motorsports. This puts Motorsports at  position 9 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

8. Boxing

Americans are big time lovers of the boxing game and this has been the case since the 20th century. Part of the contributing factors to the game’s success are personalities such as Mohammed Ali. Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist. Nicknamed “The Greatest”, he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century and as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Ali trailed fans with his dramatic wins and  unbeatable record. His exit  from the boxing scene did not deter  viewers in the US. In recent years, Floyd Mayweather has succeed  Mohammed Ali. The emergence of several Americans on the boxing scene globally has further helped make boxing one of the top sports in America. This  puts boxing at position 8 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

7. Golf

Golf is generally considered a game for the elites, In the US, the game of golf is one that is a favourite pastime for many. As a competitive sport. Veterans such as Tiger Woods brought golfing to mainstream  American. The sports has been intensely competitive in recent years, as the intensity of the game increases, the attention it has received has skyrocketed.  This  puts golf at position 7 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.


6. Tennis

At the International scene, tennis is a largely  dominated by Americans, with the likes of the  Williams sisters, as well as a lot of American players, the sport has made its way to the heart of many and one of the most poplar in America. Various tennis tournaments majorly the US Open have seen a tremendous increase in viewers. This  puts tennis at position 7 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

5. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport, played with a seemingly imaginary puck. The matches are not billed as, say, Large Canadians “versus” Equally Large Canadians. Instead, they say that one team is “at” the other. And “at” is the right word. If you want to see padded men bumping into each other at speed on a friction less surface, then ice hockey is the sport for you. The popularity of the sports may be indicative of the fact that a large chunk of Ice Hockey players are of American descent. It is reported that over 5.33 million viewers watched the NHL Stanley Cup games in the US, the second-highest in the past five years. This  puts tennis at position 5 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

4. Soccer

Loved by many an predominantly the number one sport in Europe, takes 4th place in America. In recent years, Americans have shown reasonable interest in the game of  soccer. Americans have shown interest exceeding  Major League Soccer (MLS) which has seen the influx of some of Europe’s finest players, such as the controversial Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney. The 2019 women World Cup Final which was won by the USA, was viewed by 14.3 million viewers in the USA, a significant increase compared to the Men World Cup Final in 2018. This  puts tennis at position 4 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

3. Basketball

One of America’s front line sports, Basketball which has been played for than a century has produced some of the most reputable personality in the USA. The sports has fans at  various levels, from high school basketball to college basketball you name it!!, and then the prestigious NBA(National Basketball Association). The 2019 NBA Finals recorded it’s lowest viewership in 5 years  with about 15.14 million viewers in the USA. This  puts Basketball at position 3 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

2. Baseball

Loved by many and dubbed a national sport in America, Baseball continues to receive tremendous attention from teaming American sports lovers. The star-studded Major League Baseball which features a whole lot of players known for their remarkable antics. In July 2019, the MOB recorded an average of 198,000 viewers, a 1% rise  from the previous  season. This  puts Basketball at position 2 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.

NBA Finals also reached an average of 8.8 TV rating.

1. American Football

From its Inception in  in 1869 in New Jersey, American Football has grown  in more than a century to become the most popular sports in the US. The National Football League, known as the NFL, has recorded tremendous  increased in viewership  following years of decline due to  politically motivated controversies

 The 2019 NFL Draft set a record for the most NFL draft watched ever with an average of 6.1 million viewers, solidifying American football as the no. #1 trending most popular sports in America. This  puts Basketball at position 1 in our  top-10 most popular / watched sports in the United States 2020.




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