Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketballs 2019/2020

Spalding NBA Outdoor Basketball
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Choosing the best outdoor basketball can be tricky. No doubt basketball is one of those past times that can never get old, whether you play for leisure, as part of a broader exercise routine or for career reasons. However, to fully enjoy the game, only the best outdoor basketballs should be used. You may think that any basketball will suffice, but after perusing our list, you will understand the need to equip yourself the best basketball for outdoor recreation.

The Best Outdoor Basketball


1.Spalding NBA Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Outdoor Basketball
Spalding NBA Outdoor Basketball

If you’re starting out with outdoor basketball, it may go unnoticed that in addition to your playing skills, the equipment used often determines how smooth the operations of the game will turnout. So, when speaking of the best outdoor basketballs, the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is definitely a deal breaker, especially since it has been specially designed for outdoor use. If you have an eye for good quality, then this product is definitely just right for you  as it comes in the official NBA size and weight, it also is a superior and high-grade product that is manufactured with only top-grade materials which are specially designed for domination on the streets. No matter how hard go on the streets, it is sure to take all of that and produce for you a wonderful gaming experience as a whole.

Key Features of the Spalding NBA Outdoor Basketball:

  • Wide channel design for solid grip
  • Extremely durable with performance rubber cover
  • Comes in the official NBA size and weight
  • Specifically designed for outdoor use


  • Brand Spalding
  • Model 632498
  • Weight 1.75 pounds2
  1. Wilson NCAA Replica Outdoor Basketball

Wilson NCAA Replica Outdoor Basketball
Wilson NCAA Replica Outdoor Basketball

This product claims to be the official basketball of the NCAA championship as well as March Madness. So, if you are into those tournaments, then the Wilson NCAA replica game basketball is just ideal for you. Suggestive of the name, this basketball is a replica of the actual ball used during the NCAA championships, an overall plus for lovers of the game. Let’s also take into account that this is a proven veteran in the basketball dispensation game and has a ‘name that is synonymous with authenticity, dependability, and innovation’. He product ships  in a stellar and unique design that makes it suitable for the sport indoors and outdoors, a major advantage as a whole. On the path of user friendliness, this indoor-outdoor basketball offers up an exceptional feel that, in turn, this helps the user achieve a more consistent bounce. To solidify this fact, it also has patented laid-in channels which gives the user a great grip and as an extension of that, amazing sturdy ball control. Overall, this is a good product for outdoor basketball and comes highly recommended if you are in the market for something that will stand the test of time and delivers maximum fun for competitive players out there.

Key Features:

  • Made for both indoor and outdoor playing
  • Has laid-in channels for better ball control as a whole
  • It is the official basketball of the NCAA Championships and March Madness
  • Has cushion core technology


  • BrandWilson
  • ModelWNRBB
  • Weight1 pounds
  1. Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Outdoor Basketball
Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Outdoor Basketball

An established fact about Spalding is their dedication to delivering quality on the highest of levels, so it’s no surprise that this next product made its way onto this list. It embodies all you may seek in an indoor-outdoor basketball, with its composite leather construction and an additional foam backing under the full ball pebbling to ensure more precise handling by its user. As we early stated, this basketball can be used both indoors and outdoors, and as such, a versatile product by definition. This unique product also has laid-in channels which are 30% deeper, enabling the user retains sturdy grip for better dribbling and better control as a whole. It is truly definitely designed specifically for all true basketball enthusiasts as well as the athletes out there, it will deliver to them the same experience they would receive on a professional court.The Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel basketball ships in the official size and weight of the NBA (which is a Size 6 and 28.5 inches) with the same feel to the touch and is even graced by an authentic NBA logo.

Key Features of Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel basketball:

  • It has an exclusive Zi/0 PU composite cover
  • Comes in the official weight and size of the NBA
  • New and improved foamed back design
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor basketball


  • BrandSpalding
  • Model64542
  • Weight1 pounds
  1. Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball

Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball
Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball

This composite leather basketball  has made its way on to  our list of best outdoor basketballs this list for obvious reasons, the first being that this beast of  sporting equipment has the ability to withstand even the toughest conditions outside while having equal daintiness to be the perfect indoor basketball. Very few basketballs can boast of this unique quality and actually be telling the truth. The composite leather cover is another distinguishing factor of the Under Armour 49 indoor/outdoor composite basketball, especially for an outside basketball in its price range.This outdoor basketball also guarantees the right amount of grip that is needed to wield this piece of sporting equipment in both wet and dry conditions; no doubt, this product offers its users a unique experience that is unmatched to most. Among its array of goodies that this indoor/outdoor basketball has to offer is the fact that it is made of up to 80% nylon windings, a quality which helps with proper shape retention as well as a 100% rubber bladder which gives it the ability to retain air at the highest level. With this, the player is guaranteed a unique balling experience every time the ball kisses concrete. The aforementioned is among a ton of other reasons that any basketball enthusiast or athlete should make this an addition to their sporting more


Key Features of the Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball:

  • Covered with composite leather
  • Delivers the perfect grip
  • Totally consistent for both indoor and outdoor playing
  • As durable as can possibly be


  • Brand Under Armour
  • Model BB185


  1. Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

The Molten X-series indoor/outdoor basketball is a sturdy piece of sporting equipment that can easily boasts of being the official ball of FIBA and has managed to attain high levels of recognition both locally and internationally as one of the reputable contenders in the basketball world. Many athletes from all around the world have relied on this product and that alone sets it apart as a basketball in its own league. Their new and enhanced version known as the X-series is here to change the game by providing a better-quality playing experience by enhancing functionality and visibility in a nutshell. Rather than utilizing inlaid channels, this amazing piece of sporting equipment delivers a uniform pebble surface which easily makes for one of a kind shooting experience as well a consistent and stellar grip for better control of the ball overall.The Molten X-series indoor/outdoor basketball is proudly designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the main creator of Molten’s signature GIUGIARO design and one of the foremost designers in the industry as a whole.


Key Features of The Molten X-series indoor/outdoor basketball:

  • Official FIBA approved basketball
  • 1-year warrantyIndoor/outdoor synthetic cover
  • Pebbled surface for maximum control


  • Brand Molten
  • Model BGM7X-P
  • Weight 3 pounds


  1. Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball

Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball
Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball

This next contender on our list ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering a superior and efficient game on the court. Shipped with a pebbled surface for sturdy grip and control as well as a pressure lock bladder to maintain optimal ball pressure, the Wilson killer crossover basketball is crafted with   player consistency in mind that is needed to thrive in basketball and switch up the game as a whole. It features a sponge rubber covering that is suitable for a wide range of surfaces; in conjunction with the pebbled channels which provides for a killer grip in any given conditions, so come rain or shine, this basketball is good to go any day anytime .As previously stated, this is the official basketball of the NCAA and definitely comes through on many levels. With an optimal rubber cover that offers a 16-panel construction and its overall design it continues to maintain a consistent level of performance both for recreational and professional players; nevertheless, this product is more suited for the recreational player.


Key Features of the Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Mainly suitable for recreational use
  • Sponge rubber covering
  • Official basketball of the NCAA


  • BrandWilson
  • ModelWTB0971IDORWH
  • Weight1.41 pounds
  1. Nike Versa Tack (Size 7) Basketball

Nike Versa Tack (Size 7) Basketball
Nike Versa Tack (Size 7) Basketball

You would never have thought that our next contender is an outside basketball as it by design  has the textured surface of an indoor ball but delivers on the level of an outdoors basketball. The Nike Versa tack basketball combines a pebbled surface and texture with its soft-touch rubber core to deliver both a superior feel as well as a more controlled movement when it comes to playing as a whole. The basketball is also fitted with wide-channels for an extremely improved  feel as well as its top of the notch butyl bladder which makes for near perfect shape retention. It also ships in a perfect weight class and as such is as user-friendly as possible. This basketball is comprised of composite leather, the exact ratio is basically 70% rubber, 16% nylon and 14% synthetic leather. The Nike Versa tack basketball is also reputable for durability, a number of players have recorded up to 6 years of good usage and also testified that not only does it provide a smooth balling experience, but it ages gracefully. So, if you are in the market for quality as well as durability, this is definitely the right direction to take.

Key Features of the Nike Versa Tack (Size 7) Basketball:

  • Made up of composite leather
  • Durable
  • Pebbled surface texture and soft-touch rubber core
  • Good for outdoor and indoor use


  • BrandNike
  • Weight1.5 pounds
  1. Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor
Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor

Spalding, one of our notable contenders is back at it again with another top-notch product that is bound to impress you all the way. As expected, the Spalding NBA street phantom outdoor basketball ships in the size and weight of the NBA; this particular basketball is a size 7 and 29.5 inches. It features a high-performance rubber cover that comes with soft grip technology. So, you are bound to experience an overall fluid and enhanced balling experience with the knowledge that the ball can handle your unique style of play and the rest is up to you. The Spalding NBA street phantom outdoor basketball also features a highly effective sponge rubber design which offers a more enhanced  feel of the ball in your hands as well as when it comes in contact with the concrete. You are guaranteed that this ball has been specifically engineered to deliver the ultimate balling experience. In addition to this, for the sake of general convenience, this product is shipped fully inflated and is ready to use once you get it in the mail.

Key Features of the Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor:

  • High-performance rubber cover as well as soft grip technology
  • Comes in the official specs of NBA basketballs
  • Sponge rubber design
  • Already inflated upon shipping


  • BrandSpalding
  • Model71023
  • Weight3.52 ounces
  1. Baden Crossover Composite Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Baden Crossover Composite Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
Baden Crossover Composite Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

The next contender on our list of best outdoor basketball is The Baden crossover composite indoor/outdoor basketball. This product is definitely one of the best outdoor basketballs currently on the market. It features a flex composite cover and highly symmetrical design enabling the user to have a sturdy grip and ultimately more balance which in turn delivers a more superior balling experience. So, wondering hot how The Baden crossover composite indoor/outdoor basketball achieves this overall performance? The Baden crossover composite indoor/outdoor basketball subscribes to the use of widely spaced panels which are designed to make sure that as a user, you do not have any out of character bounces. Overall, this basketball delivers a smooth experience for anyone that knows how to wield the beast. In a nutshell, the ball comes fully inflated and ready to use.

Key Features the Baden Crossover Composite Indoor/Outdoor Basketball:

  • Widely-spaced, symmetrical panels
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors use
  • Durable


  • BrandBaden
  1. Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball
Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber Basketball

The Mikasa BX1000 premium rubber basketball cannot go unmentioned. This  product was specially made for all players that want to spend some outdoor time shooting hoops, and it doubles  as an outside basketball and even a backyard basketball due to the fact that it is was designed with comfort in mind made as a whole. With its deep pebble design, the Mikasa BX1000 premium rubber basketball helps to unleash the prowess of the user and ultimately deliver that smooth balling experience that every basketballer desires.It also features a quality rubber cover and nylon winding for consistency in the bounce, this basketball sets itself apart as one of the best. To crown it all up, it comes in different sizes for the convenience of users with different hand sizes.


Key Features:

  • High-quality rubber cover
  • Is suitable for use outdoors
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Deep pebble-covered surface


  • BrandMikasa Sports
  • Weight1.28 pounds


Outdoor Basketball Buying Guide and FAQ

When making choices with competitive products, it’s important to have a sense of direction.  Here are some pointers that will help you pick out the best outdoor basketball for you.


How we determine Our Selection of Outdoor Basketballs

Brand – TA couple of brands are well known for constantly improving their products; in this case, it would be wise to take into account companies that stand out in the production of outdoor basketballs. Companies who remain true to their craft will consistently deliver high level and performance driven products delivering in the same capacity.

Reviews – reviews are priceless, no experience trumps first-hand experience. If there was ever a way to know for sure what a product has to offer, it will definitely be from user feedback. Real experiences from real people will go a long way to reveal dodgy practices by some unethical manufacturers.

Durability – Nobody wants to spend all their earnings on basketball, for this reason you want to be on the lookout for products with proven track records. The more you use your basketball for outdoor playing the more the strain on the product. The wear and tear should be at a realistic level and not a pathetic one.

Quality – This is not farfetched from durability in the sense that if you buy a quality product it will last for long. In addition to that quality ensures that you will be comfortable with this product and make the best out of it as a whole.


Price – We all vary with our purchasing power, every buyer should ensure that they endeavor not to break the bank while acquiring a quality product.

Features To Look For In Choosing Outdoor Basketballs

Material – The different material used to make up basketballs are a determining factor as to what capacity they are best suited to be used. And every buyer should have in mind the purpose of and location that the basketball will be used in. Leather balls are largely used at the professional level, while their synthetic counterparts can be used on both indoor and outdoor settings, rubber basketballs are a good way for beginners to hone their skills.

Size – This is an important feature to take into account’ an NBA sized basketball is useless to a child and same goes in the reverse. For the overall comfort and functionality of the game, it is wise to be sure when it comes to size.

Grip – A sturdy grip cannot be overemphasized. It is quite imperative that the ball possesses a suitable surface or channels to enable an adequate grip if not the essence of the basketball is lost as a whole.


Bounce – Another important and highly overlooked feature of a basketball as a whole is its ability to bounce; a basketball without the right degree of bounce is practically a glorified football. On the flip side, if there is too much bounce, it becomes a toy. The right degree of bounce is needed to make for a good gaming experience.

Inflation – It is important to inflate your basketball with the right amount of air otherwise it could end in total dissatisfaction as a whole when it comes to the game. Once inflated, if the ball is dropped from a hip height and bounces back to almost its original drop height, then it is properly inflated.

Design – The overall design of a basketball can easily diminish a user’s gaming experience,  as such, buyers should scrutinize their choices for flaws and strengths alike based on their own gaming preferences.

Performance – Believe it or not, your choice of basketballs has a lot to do with the general outcome of the game as a whole. No matter how excellent an athlete is, when faced with the challenge of an unwieldy basketball there is definitely going to be some sort of decline in his performance. So, it is wise to choose basketballs with a good record when it comes to performance as a whole.


Types of Basketballs

Leather Basketballs – These are basketballs made from 100% leather; they are characterized by their initial coarse feel, but over time they appear smoother due to the wear and tear. These types of balls are mainly suited for indoor hardwood floors.

Composite Leather Basketballs – They are also known as synthetic basketballs which are usually covered with a combination of artificial leather. They are soft by design when touched and does not lead to wear and tear for that purpose.

Rubber Basketballs – These are purely made from rubber and are more suited for users who are beginners in the game. These balls are designed to be used on the concrete court and are good for outdoor use as a whole.

Match/Recreational Basketballs – A the name implies it is more suited for learners and basketball enthusiasts of the game.


Training Basketballs – As it is implied, this basketball is on a very basic level, suited for up comers in the field or professionals who need something adequate to practice with. There are variations to these training basketballs and one of them is featured in our list of best outdoor basketball above.

Weighted Basketballs – Weighted basketballs are currently the talk of the town, they are used solely as a training tool and can be a key piece of equipment for enhancing your game, but it should only be used for developing a certain set of skills.

Pro Tips on How To Improve Your B-Ball Game

  • Try to warm up before each session
  • Try to Stay in shape
  • Practice Consistently
  • Try to dribble with your weaker hand and do not dribble so hard
  • Grow slow and steady
  • Study the greats

Outdoor Basketball FAQ

Q: What is an outdoor Basketball?

A: An outdoor basketball is a basketball specifically designed for use in outdoor settings.


Q: Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor basketball?

A: The primary difference is often in the material used to make them, to their general feel, indoor and outdoor basketballs are different. Overall, one of them is more suited to be used indoors and the other is better to be used outside.

Q: How can I consistently keep the outdoor basketballs inflated?

A: All outdoor basketball ship with a standard pumping kit. Yours might not come shipped with one but you can always purchase them separately. The manufacturer recommended kit should be the only kit you use to inflate your basketball, otherwise you risk permanently damaging it as a whole.

Q: What are the places where I can play the best outdoor basketball game?

A: I you have the luxury of space you can always buy a hoop and install it there. If that is not an option there are a number of public courts scattered in most communities.

Q: What is The Shooting Percentage in Basketball?

A: This is a measure of a player’s efficiency when shooting the ball.


Q: How can I determine outdoor basketball’s durability?

A: Like we’ve mentioned repeatedly, the materials used make the basketball contribute a lot. Look out for synthetic or composite leather as this will definitely be more suited for the great outdoors and will last longer as a whole.




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