Pep Guardiola Biography: Things you didn’t know about him & net worth

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Josep Guardiola is the one-time soccer player and the present coach of the English club Manchester City. Throughout his time as a footballer, he was the defensive midfielder in Barcelona, Brescia, Rome, Al-Ahli, Dorados de Sinaloa, and the Spain national team. Right now, he is the most awarded  Barcelonian coach till date.

Adolescence and youth

Josep (Pep) Maria Guardiola Sala was conceived on January 18. 1971, in the area Santpedor, Barcelona. His father  Valentin filled in as a bricklayer, and his mom was a maid taking care of kids.

When Guardiola saw a ball, he immediately got attracted to it . It occurred amid the field exhibition of Manresa school learners. In the end, the guardians took the kid there. Barcelona scouts saw the kid and offered him a chance to play with the  club.

Despite the fact that the little and thin youngster did not awe the Barcelona Academy Coaches , the management chose to acknowledge the 13-year-old sportsman. Guardiola played in the adolescent team and was more of a ball delivery bot to senior players at  Camp Nou. Around then, Josep longed for being like his iconic player  Michel Platini; he even had his photograph of the superstar in his room.

In April 1986, Barcelona vanquished the Swedish Gothenburg in the penalty series and made it to  the Champions Cup Final. Guardiola was happy to the point that he rushed to the field with different young men to embrace the legends of the match. Picture takers took pictures of Josep, yet no one paid heed to the kid around then: he was one of the numerous who were cheering on the winning evening.

In times to come, Josep improved in his  abilities. He was sitting tight for the minute he would get the welcome to Barcelona main team. In the late 1980s, Real Madrid was the most formidable team  in the nation while Barcelona was left on the auxiliary position. This changed in 1988 when Johan Cruyff was made  the head coach. It was Cruyff who allowed Guardiola to demonstrate his ability.


Josep appeared in the main team in December 1990 in the domestic match against Cádiz. In that season, he had four matches and was sent to the second group for the nonattendance of results.

Step by step, Josep transformed into the key midfielder and the image of the Catalonian club. He eventually became the team captain. Coaches tailed each other, however every one of them needed to consider the player loved by fans.

Aside from Barcelona, Guardiola played for Brescia, Rome, Al-Ahli, Dorados de Sinaloa, and the Spain national team. As the field player, Guardiola quickly became the  hero of Spain six times, won the nation’s Cup twice, and held Supercopa de España four times.

In 2006, Guardiola completed his field profession authoritatively and became the coach in the third-division club Barcelona B. The group had the opportunity to achieve the second division, and the club’s management seen that. In 2008, Guardiola replaced Frank Rijkaard and headed the primary team.

The youthful coach of Barcelona began with overhauling the lineup; numerous solid players, for example, Ronaldinho, left the club at that period.

In the initial two tours through the championship, the reestablished group lost and had one draw. Be that as it may, the arrangement of 22 triumphs pursued. In this season, the Catalonian group crushed its long standing rival  Real Madrid twice.

The group vanquished Europe and won the Champions League. In the end, Guardiola figured out how to pick up the triplet and won every one of the trophies conceivable.

In 2012, Josep rose to become the best coach of the year :Surpassing the likes of  Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho. In any case, the further improvement of occasions brought misfortune. Barcelona lost to Real in the domestic games; later, Chelsea crushed the group in the Champions League semi-Finals. Before long, Guardiola said he had come to all that he could with the Catalonian team and left.

In summer 2013, Guardiola joined Bayern Munich. Prior to that, Bayern won three most esteemed European trophies, and numerous individuals said such a solid club did not require this coach. In the long run, in the 2014-2015 season, Bayern was overcoming its adversaries and winning new titles.

In February 2016, Manchester City declared it signed a  the three-year contract with Guardiola; his yearly pay was €20 million. In the first game, Sunderland lost to Pep’s team  with a  2:1 score line .

Changing the group’s essential goalkeeper became utmost of the new coach : rather than Joe Hart, the Chilean player Claudio Bravo was chosen.

In spring, Manchester City lost to Monaco in the 1/8 last diversion and left the Champions League. Afterward, the group did not prevail in the FA Cup and lost to Arsenal in the semi-last. The Premier League results were worse also: Guardiola’s team took the third position that season.

Individual life

Guardiola is officially married  to Cristina Serra. The youngsters met in a garments shop; around then, He was only 18 years old.

In this marriage, three kids have been conceived: Marius (2001), Maria (2003), and Valentina (2008). Josep has two sisters (Olga and Francesca) and more youthful sibling Pere who is the specialist of Luis Suárez, the Barcelona and Uruguay national team forward.

Present days

In 2018, Guardiola keeps on buckling down on setting up his team for future matches.

The well known mentor has Twitter and Instagram accounts where he consistently posts recordings from training and individual photographs. In addition, there are numerous Internet materials about Josep’s account and profession (interviews, insights, and so forth.).


1990-1991 – La Liga victor (in Barcelona)

1992 – Bravo Award

1992 – Olympic gold decoration victor (the Spain national group)

1998-1999 – La Liga victor (in Barcelona)

1995 – Supercopa de España holder (in Barcelona)

1991-1992 – European Champion Clubs’ Cup victor (in Barcelona)

1997 – UEFA Super Cup victor (in Barcelona)

2009 – Don Balon Award victor

2010 – Miguel Muñoz Trophy victor

2013 – UEFA Super Cup victor (in Bayern)

2013-2014 – DFB-Pokal holder (in Bayern)

2015-2016 – Bundesliga victor (in Bayern)

2017 – Premier League Manager of the Season

Net Worth

Pep Guardiola’s current net worth is estimated to be around $41.8 million

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