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Mario Balotelli’s biography facts, early life, childhood & profile is an interesting one, we have scouted the web to bring you the most  about his career, net worth, salary, wife, stats, zodiac sign and much more. Please stay glued and enjoy the read.   

Mario Balotelli is a professional Italian player who currently plays as a striker for Serie A club Brescia and the Italy national team. He was born in  Palermo, Italy to parents, parents,  father Thomas Barwuah and mother  Rose Barwuah on 12 August 1990, putting his age at 29. For his playing position, he plays as a striker. His zodiac Leo, he stands tall at a height of 189cm, weight 87kg and is of the Italian nationality.He goes by the nickname “Super Mario”. In detail, we analyze how Mario Balotelli stood out as one of France’s star players in our Mario Balotelli’s biography facts, childhood, career, net worth, relationship , parents, education, profile and personal life.

Italian star of world football Mario Balotelli is similarly known for elite and battles with colleagues outside the field. The hot striker even beat the mentor of Manchester City Roberto Mancini, when he endeavored to send the player to the locker room without wanting to.

Notwithstanding a flood of embarrassments in the vocation of Balotelli, in 2016 the authority of FC Nice purchased the striker and never lamented. Amid one and a half season, “Super Mario” played in 50 amusements and scored 33 objectives.

Mario Balotelli Biography, Facts Rundown, Childhood, Early Life & Profile

Balotelli’s memoir started with an individual catastrophe. Mario was conceived on August 12, 1990, in Palermo and spent his first year in the doctor’s facility. His folks were a hitched couple of Barwuah from Ghana. After Mario’s introduction to the world, they moved to Bagnolo Mella, yet it before long unfolded that the child required medicinal services. Because of the stomach related framework pathology, the infant had a few medical procedures for the stomach.

The family was not able pay for the kid’s human services needs, and the Barwuah family set the kid in child care. Therefore, the group of Francesco and Silvio Balotelli embraced two-year-old Mario. The family likewise had two adolescent children and a youthful little girl.

Balotelli lived in the little collective of Concesio, and this place turned into Mario’s local town. Afterward, the non-permanent parents discovered the location of the Barwuah family and took Mario to meet his relatives, however nobody opened the entryway.

Afterward, the footballer told in a meeting that just when he turned into a games star, the natural dad and mother started

“to show up on TV with pitiful appearances.”

The competitor said that there was a considerable measure of wrong data in their meetings that influenced the notoriety of Balotelli.

“I can’t permit that, on the grounds that my genuine family lives in Brescia and individuals regard them. They are the main family that I have, ” Mario said.

Balotelli likewise told that in his youth he routinely confronted prejudice. On the off chance that anything was stolen at the school, Mario was preposterously viewed as the offender. Youngsters adjacent declined to play with him due to various skin shading. At 18 years old, the young fellow got an international ID, and in addition Italian citizenship, yet it didn’t change the mentality of individuals.

He discovered salvation in football. The kid played all his available time. At seven years old, he joined San Bartolomeo club, and for the following decade, he figured out how to play in five youth clubs. In the last two clubs Lumezzane and Inter he additionally played for the principal group.

Mario Balotelli, Net Worth, Salary, Age, Zodiac, Marital Status, Profile, Stats, Height, Transfer, Wife, Ethnicity, Nationality, Full Name, Girlfriend, Children, Parents, Nick Name, Current Team 

Full Name Mario Balotelli Barwuah
Net Worth $60M
Salary £80,000 weekly
Children Soccer Player
Age 29
Birth Date 12 August 1990
Zodiac Leo
Birth Place Palermo, Italy
Occupation Soccer Player
Martial Status Single
Stats,Height,Weight Height:186 cm Weight: 87kg
Ethnicity Italian
Nationality Italian
Instagram @mb459
Facebook search phrase: Mario Balotelli
Twitter @FinallyMario
Wife / Girlfriend Fanny Naguesha
Playing Position Striker
Children PENDING
Parents  father Thomas Barwuah and mother  Rose Barwuah
Nick Name Super Mario
Current Team Manchester City F.C


Mario Balotelli Professional Facts & Football Career

He made his expert introduction at 15 years old. In April 2006, he originally showed up on the field for Lumezzane first group against Padova in a Serie C1 association coordinate. Toward the finish of the season, Balotelli played in one more amusement, and in the late spring he chose to exchange to another club.

He had an unsuccessful preliminary with Barcelona. Afterward, when the forward officially played for Manchester City, columnists got some information about the conceivable exchange to the Catalans. Mario whipped out an answer that he was not going to “play with young ladies.”

The striker spent the second season in Inter youth group, and since 2007 he began to play for the Nerazzurri first group. To demonstrate his capacities, Marion included in a late spring inviting match against Sheffield United. Balotelli scored two objectives, and the footballer started to play for Inter in Serie A.

In any case, Internazionale mentor Roberto Mancini enabled the striker to go on the field just in December. Nerazzurri vanquished Cagliari in the match of the national competition. In any case, Mario scored the primary objective for the group (and the second) in the amusement against Reggina a couple of days after the fact.

The following two objectives in a Coppa Italia coordinate against Juventus guaranteed the cooperation of Inter in the elimination rounds of the competition. Be that as it may, the group couldn’t win the primary trophy. In any case, amid a similar period, Mario added to Inter triumph in Serie An, and later the group won the Supercoppa Italiana.

Mario played in twice the same number of amusements in Serie An amid the following season, and he scored eight objectives (in examination with three objectives in the past season). Internazionale guarded the title. The group couldn’t win different competitions, and Mancini left the club. Jose Mourinho instructed it.

The striker demonstrated the equivalent amazing execution, and the new mentor enhanced the abilities of whatever remains of the group. Thus, Inter won the FIFA Champions League, the Coppa Italia, and Serie A.

In 2010, Mario made his introduction for the Italian national group. Prior, the football player played in youth rivalries. The support in the UEFA Euro 2012 was triumphal for Balotelli. He was the principal dark football player in the national group, and he helped them achieve the last of the European competition, where Spain won the trophy. Be that as it may, the forward was named the best scorer in the title.

Mancini turned into a mentor of Manchester City and influenced the administration of the club for an exchange. In the late spring of 2010, Balotelli moved to the UK. The exchange expense of the player was £ 24 million. Mario scored in his introduction for Citizens against Politehnica Timișoara in the Europa League. In any case, in a similar diversion, Mario got knee damage, which sidelined him for two months.

He appeared in a Premier League coordinate against Arsenal. In spite of the fact that he demonstrated fruitful exhibitions, Balotelli had heightening clashes with his partners. In December, amid preparing, he battled with Jérôme Boateng. Mario demonstrated an unpleasant play on the field and got red cards in a steady progression.

Indeed, even the proportions of club administration did not work. They fined Balotelli for infringement of order and deducted cash from the wages. The issue that is finally too much to bear was the battle with Mancini. The fight between the player and the mentor happened in mid 2013. The club did not enable the player to complete the season and conceded to an arrangement to exchange him to Milan.

In the Italian club, Balotelli effectively played amid one and a half season. He played in 43 diversions and scored 26 objectives. In 2013, he helped the group to fit the bill for the Champions League, scoring a punishment in the Serie A. last against Siena. In any case, after a year, Milan couldn’t fit the bill for the competition, and the player chose to change the club.

Liverpool purchased the forward, yet the exchange was unsuccessful for the club. Having played in 16 matches, Mario scored just a single objective. The accompanying season, Balotelli played in Milan on credit, yet he was harmed a few times. He demonstrated indistinguishable execution from he scored one objective however played in 20 amusements.

The troublesome period finished toward the start of the 2016/2017 season. As a free specialist, he connected to Nice, and the club consented to sign an agreement. Mario scored two objectives in the main match. Altogether, he scored 15 objectives amid the season. The second season was considerably more fruitful for the striker. He scored 26 objectives in 38 recreations.

Individual life

The footballer isn’t hitched. He dated Raffaella Fico, a TV star, and a model, from the late spring of 2011 to the spring of 2012. In December, she brought forth a girl, yet Balotelli recognized paternity of his little girl following a positive DNA test.

Afterward, Balotelli dated Fanny Neguesha, a Belgian and Italian model, an artist and an artist. In March 2013 they got ready for marriage, yet in September 2014 the young lady severed the commitment. Fanny said that the primary reason was the envy of the offbeat football player.

In September 2018, Mario fathered a second youngster, a child named Lion, destined to a unidentified lady.

Italian media has composed that Mario is prepared to help not just his youngsters. The competitor is occupied with philanthropy. He helps families who approach him for cash for treatment or instruction of their kids.

Balotelli has accounts on Twitter and Instagram, posts photographs of diversions and preparing, and in addition of gatherings with companions. The striker’s tallness is 189 cm, the weight is 88 kg.

Mario Balotelli now

The name of the imposing striker was more than once specified amid the past season. Mario did not complete his profession in the national group, but rather he didn’t get a call-up for the qualifying recreations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The nonappearance of the productive striker influenced the outcome. Without precedent for a long time, Italy neglected to meet all requirements for the FIFA World Cup.

In the late spring of 2018, Parma, Marseille, Juventus, and CSKA reported their enthusiasm for the player. There is a probability of his exchange to Napoli. As per Tuttosport, Balotelli’s specialist is consulting with the club administration.


2008 – Serie A 2007/08 (Inter)

2008 – Supercoppa Italiana

2009 – Serie A 2008/09 (Inter)

2010 – Serie A 2009/10 (Inter)

2010 – Coppa Italia

2010 – UEFA Champions League

2011 – FA Cup (Manchester City)

2012 – Premier League 2011/12 (Manchester City)

2012 – FA Community Shield (Manchester City)

2012 – UEFA European Championship sprinter up (Italian national group)

Mario Balotelli Net worth

Mario Balotelli reportedly pockets £80,000 weekly, putting his net worth at a whopping  $60 million dollars as of 2019.

Mario Balotelli Personal Life, Relationship, children, Girlfriend, Nickname, Parents, Education, profile, personal life

Mario Balotelli is currently dating girlfriend Fanny Naguesha

Mario Balotelli Salary

is reportedly earning  £80,000 as a weekly salary.

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