LeBron James Biography: Things You Didn’t Know about Him Plus Net Worth

LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio, USA . His  full name is  LeBron Raymone James. The Ohio Born is also a producer and actor, featuring in films like Trainwreck (2015), Survivor’s Remorse (2014) and Space Jam 2.

His rise to fame began in 2012 and 2013, when he led the great Miami Heat to the NBA titles following his dropout from college. LeBron James dropped out of college to join Cleveland Cavaliers and won a third championship with Cleveland in 2016.

Who Is LeBron James?

LeBron James first became popular as a valuable high school basketball player in the country. He became a four-time NBA MVP, thanks to his unique combination of physical attributes such as size, muscular build, and court vision. LeBron James also led the Miami Heat to titles in 2012 and 2013.

2016 was a great year for LeBron James, as he returned to Cleveland and assisted  the franchise in winning  its first championship in 2016.

LeBron James’ Net Worth and Salary

LeBron James worked so hard and built a solid reputation in the NBA, by 2016 he’s net worth was $275 million, according to Forbesmagazine. He had endorsements with sports giant Nike for $90 million that could net him over $1billion over his lifetime. He also signed other endorsements with Intel, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Beats by Dre and Kia Motors.  LeBron James was also breaking the bank with his salary earnings. In 2016, where we had 17 seasons, James earned a whopping $31 million, this was a feat only attained by the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He is also a co-owner of Unknwn, a sneaker and designer clothing retailer that will soon be opening their first brick and mortar store in the Miami area. In 2015, his new media venture got $16 million from Warner Bros. LeBron James is also a co-owner of the production company SpringHill Entertainment and has invested in Blaze Pizza.

LeBron James’ Career Stats and Points

LeBron James has had an incredibly successful career. He has accumulated a career-high 30,000 point which puts him as the seventh player in NBA history to achieve that feat. This was on January 2018 at a young age of 33. The record was 8,000 points shy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time record of 38,387 points.

After 15 NBA seasons, LeBron James’ stats include career regular season averages of:

Here  are stats for LeBron James’ participation in 15 NBA seasons  including career regular season averages of:

  • 27.2 points
  • 38.8 minutes
  • 0.739 free-throw percentage
  • 0.344 3-point field goal percentage
  • 0.504 field-goal percentage
  • 1.2 offensive rebounds
  • 6.1 defensive rebounds
  • 7.2 assists
  • 0.8 blocks
  • 1.6 steals
  • 3.5 turnovers

Height and Weight

LeBron James is 6 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds.

Wife and Kids

LeBron James got  married to his high school crush  Savannah Brinson , it was a quite and private ceremony which had 200 guests in attendance. The wedding took place in San Diego on September 14, 2013.

He welcomed his first son LeBron Jr. On June 14, 2007, Brinson gave birth to their second son, Bryce Maximus James. Their third child, daughter Zhuri James, was born on October 22, 2014.

When and Where Was LeBron James Born?

LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio.

All-Star Games & MVPs

LeBron James, would later be selected for the NBA All-Star Games in 2005, this of course was his very first appearance in the prestigious game. This earned James a spot in the annual showcase in each of the next 14 seasons. He was eventually announced as captain for the 2018 All-Star Game alongside Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry when they topped the ballots.

2006 saw James seize the prestigious title of   NBA All-Star’s most valuable player, a record he repeatedly attained in 2008 and 2018. He has also been named NBA MVP four times, in seasons 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12 and 2012-13.

LeBron James’ High School Basketball Career

LeBron James picked interest in basketball at a rather early age, this got him into St. Vincent-St. Mary High School where he joined their basketball team in 1999. During his time at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School he scored 2,657 points, 892 rebounds and 523 assists during his four years there.

As a rising star, James averaged 18 points per game and took his team to a Division  III state title by scoring 25 points in the championship game. News about James lit like wildfire, shooting James into wider recognition. James then went on to received several honors for his outstanding performances.

James eventually got selected for the USA Today All-USA First Team. making him the first sophomore to be nominated for the prestigious award. His team also won the Division III state title for the second year in a row.

LeBron James didn’t stop there, he was also named PARADE magazine’s High School Boys Basketball Player of the Year and Gatorade Player of the Year, following a successful  Division III state title for the second year in a row by his team. James was such a promising talent in it’s purest form and couldn’t have projected for anywhere else but the big games, he began to contemplate going pro.

James didn’t ditch his education for basketball, he was determined to complete his education. He had a wonderful senior year. James was a regular at averaging 31.6 points per game, helping his team clinch their third state title. The St. Vincent-St. Mary High School team also earned the top national ranking that year. It became clear, James was a force to recon with as he emerged as one of the National Basketball Association’s leading players.


Career With Cleveland Cavaliers

James was set to prove himself as a valuable player, he was one of the first to be selected in the 2013 NBA Draft. The talented young forward was signed by  Cleveland Cavaliers signed which at the time was a struggling franchise. The team had ended the previous season in eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

James went on to stand firm as one of the only 3 rookies of the 2003-04 season to  win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. This was an incredible feat as James was only 20 years old and was the youngest player to ever achieve receive this honor. This put James in the same category as Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson.

LeBron James  progressed professionally in the NBA the following season, at this point his average points per game had risen to 27.2. The promising player then broke yet another NBA record in 2005, when he became the youngest player to score more than 50 points in one game.

2006 saw James playing a huge role in the defeat against Washington Wizards in the first round playoff activity. James also thrilled fans with an average of 26.6 per game  when Cavaliers took on the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference semifinals. He also scored  an average of 26.6 per game in the just concluded  postseason matchup, but tha didn’t bring home victory for his team the Cavaliers.

Though is it wasn’t the greatest times for the the Cavaliers, James received countless special recognitions for his outstanding abilities thus far.

2006 was again a bright year for James as he reached a new contractual agreement with Cavaliers. The team had improved tremendously and showed great prospects. They had also defeated Detroit to win the Eastern Conference, n the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs,  but they eventually lost their  championship bid in four consecutive games.

During the 2007-08 season, James was a huge part of the teams success, and helped them improve their position in the Eastern Conference. They eventually reached the semifinals, but lost to the Boston Celtics in a sad seven games. In terms of individual performance, James had a stellar year, He displayed better game play over players such as  Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson by scoring an average of 30 points per game, which surprisingly was the highest average in the NBA regular season.

By 2008-09 season, sports enthusiasts  and fans we’re talking  about the future of  LeBron James who had now become an NBA sensation. James had the option of becoming  a free agent in 2010, and there was much discussion as to where he would end up. Some enthusiasts anticipated the New York Knicks as a potential destination for the promising athlete.

He made several citations of his impending  status as a free agent, but eventually watered down the topic. James however told journalists about his unwavering support for his team, that  his major focus at the moment was helping the team win  the championship.

Career With Miami Heat

James eventually became a free agent, but shockingly after he made an announcement to join the Miami Heat for the 2010-11 season. His fans in Cleveland were dissapointed at the rising star’s decision as it was seen as “selfish,” “heartless” and a “cowardly betrayal.” to his hometown. Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert was also displeased with his decision.  James however did not despair as he finished second in the league during his first season with the Heat, scoring 26.7 points per game.

With James on the team the Miami Heat had a great  2011-12 season,With his team’s victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals, this earned the rising star his first title.  James scored 26 points, and had 11 rebounds and 13 assists. In an interview James said “I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland, but I understood what my future was about,” James told FOX Sports following the game. “I knew we had a bright future in Miami.”

James was relentless in the  2012-13 season, as he made history yet again.  On January 16, 2013, at age 28, James would become the  youngest player to score 20,000 points, unseating  Kobe Bryant of the Lakers —  who achieved a similar feat at the age of 29 , which put him at the 38th player in NBA history to achieve this feat. At the final seconds of the game James made a jump shot ,  bringing his scoring total 20,001 and leading the Heat to a 92-75 victory against  the Warriors.

The Heat went on to win a six-game series against the Indiana Pacers at the Eastern Conference,Miami outlasted the San Antonio Spurs in seven games to win its second consecutive NBA championship.

Miami returned to the NBA Finals against the spurs again, but sadly lost to  to San Antonio after five games.

Return to Cleveland Cavaliers

James made a decision to return to  the Cavaliers on on July of 2014 after cutting short his contract with the Heat , but was deterred  by back and knee injuries, as a result he  missed 13 of 82 regular-season games in 2014-15. At this time he he averaging 25.3 points and 7.4 assists per game. James led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals, becoming the first player in nearly 50 years to reach the championship round in five consecutive seasons. His dreams of claiming a third title, was cut short due to injury of  teammates Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.  The Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

By 2015-16, the Cavaliers  recovered from setbacks suffered changes with coaches, and soured through the playoffs earning a rematch with warriors,  marking the sixth straight NBA Finals appearance for King James. The superstar  led his team back from a 3-1 deficit, scoring 41 points in both Games 5 and 6, before recording a triple double in Game 7 to give the Cavaliers their first championship in franchise history. This was a phenomenal moment for King James, as he solidified his name in the hall of fame.

In an interview the superstar said  “I came back to bring a championship to our city. I knew what I was capable of doing. I knew what I learned in the last couple years that I was gone, and I knew if I had to — when I came back — I knew I had the right ingredients and the right blueprint to help this franchise get back to a place that we’ve never been. That’s what it was all about”.  James was at the time voted Voted Finals MVP.

James was relentless in the following year as he , drove his team the Cavaliers through the Eastern Conference to make an incredible seventh consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals, with the support of one time MVP Kevin Durant. The warriors were in their prime and proved too fierce for King James and his teammates, as they took home the championship in five games.

James went on to achieve a  first early in the 2017-18 NBA season: After yelling at a referee during a late November win over the Heat, he was ejected for the first time in 1,082 career games.

James yelled a lot due to frustrations in certain campaigns, as an offseason trade that sent Irving to Boston for Isaiah Thomas failed   yield any meaningful outcome, forcing the Cavaliers  to make yet another major deal before the All-Star break.

James, at a career-high average of 9.1 assists in the regular season , rescued his team out of the first round of the playoffs, delivering a brilliant 45-point effort to defeat  the Pacers in Game 7.

The Cavaliers  were again pushed to the limit two rounds later by the almighty  Celtics, but James made his eight NBA Finals appearance, by  scoring  81 points over the last two games to pull out the series win .

Game 1 of the rematch against Golden State went down to the wire, thanks to James’s 51-point outburst, but Cleveland guard J.R. Smith inexplicably dribbled out the clock with the game tied in regulation, before the Warriors pulled away for the win in overtime. That represented the Cavaliers ‘ best chance to get a leg up on their opponents, as the Warriors won the next three games handily to claim their third title in four years. Afterward, with questions swirling about his future with the team, James revealed that he had played out the series with a broken right hand after punching a whiteboard in the aftermath of the Game 1 loss.

Joining the Los Angeles Lakers

July 1, 2018 saw James move his career up to a whole new level, by signing with  Los Angeles Lakers, a team associated with legends such as counted Bryant, Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson among its all-time greats. It was as four year deal valued at  $154.

Olympic Games

LeBron James stared in the U.S. Olympic basketball team during three Summer Olympic Games, in 2004, 2008 and 2012. He made his first Olympic appearance at the 2004 Summer Games in Athens, Greece. He led his team to victory by defeating Lithuania. But the championship title went to Argentina who defeated Spain in the final round.

James also competed at the third Olympic Games in 2012, at the Summer Olympics in London, along with teammates Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant, as well as several other notable players . James recorded his second  consecutive Olympic gold, as his team claimed the gold medal.


Charity Work

The   LeBron JamesFamily Foundation was established in 2004, with the support of his mother Gloria to help children of single-parent families in need. The Foundation has also built playgrounds in economically disadvantaged areas and hosts an annual bike-a-thon.


Outspoken Posts on Social Media

One of the world’s most recognizable athletes, James hasn’t been shy about expressing his views on social media. Among other issues, he displayed his support for Trayvon Martin after the teen’s death in 2012, and has clashed with U.S. President Donald Trump. James has also shown a playful side on social media, such as when he posted a picture of cartoon character Arthur clenching his first during the Cavaliers’ slow start to the 2017-18 season.


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