Kingsley moghalu Biography: Things you didn’t know about him & net worth

Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu is a Nigerian political financial expert, attorney, former United Nations official, and professor in field of  international business and public policy at the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Adolescence and Early Life

Professor Kingsley Bosah Chiedu Ayodele Moghalu was born in Lagos on May 7, 1963. Hehas four siblings and  is first of five offspring. His father, Isaac Chukwudum Moghalu (now late ) was a former Nigerian Foreign Service Officer, belonging to  a small group of promising , young, and vibrant  Nigerians inducted into the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth shortly Affairs after Nigeria’s independence in 1960. His mother, Lady Vidah Chinelo Moghalu, was a schoolteacher at the Breadfruit School on Lagos Island. Lady Vidah Chinelo Moghalu would later became a professional dietician. Not so long after he was born  , his father was posted to Geneva, Switzerland.

The Moghalu family spent 1 year  in Switzerland and relocated  to Washington, DC in 1964, around the same time  Isaac Moghalu his father  was posted to the Nigerian Embassy there. In 1967, the entire family returned to Nigeria and Isaac Moghalu was again  transferred to the Eastern Region Civil Service as the Nigerian political crisis gathered strength and later snowballed into a full-scale war. Isaac Moghalu joined joined the Cabinet Office of the Eastern Region, and would eventually   the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Biafra. The family remained in Eastern Nigeria after the civil war ended in 1970 and Prof. Moghalu’s father later climbed up the ladder  to become a Permanent Secretary with a strong reputation for probity. This background influenced Chiedu Moghalu’s strong value system — a sense of family honor and a family tradition of public service.


Achievements & Awards

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He is currently married to Maryanne Onyinyechi Moghalu

Net Worth

Kingsley moghalu has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars


Kingsley moghalu daughters: Kingsley moghalu’s daughter’s name  is being gathered

Kingsley moghalu son: Kingsley moghalu’s son’s name  is  Lady Vidah Chinelo Moghalu

Kingsley moghalu Salary: Kingsley moghalu’s salary is $100,000 dollars

Kingsley moghalu wife: Kingsley moghalu’s wifes’s name  is  in review

Kingsley moghalu age: Kingsley moghalu’s is 56 years of age

Kingsley moghalu father: Kingsley moghalu’s fathers’s name  is  Isaac Moghalu

Kingsley moghalu mother: Kingsley moghalu’s mothers’s name name  is  in review


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