Highest-Paid Top-10 WWE Wrestlers 2020

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Often times people wonder who the highest paid WWE wrestlers of 2020 are. The question has often come up about who the highest paid wrestler in WWE is. For years, Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon dolled out hefty sums to their top stars- a clear cut above the rest of the roster.

While most of the top Superstars earn seven figures while the rest of the roster ranges in the six-figure salary. The six figure earners are not underrated  by any means, but people often overlook  the fact that WWE Superstars are constantly on the road. Owing to this, hotel expenses and food expenses are generally taken care of by themselves (except when on International tours).

Notwithstanding , this article seeks to bring you the top 20 highest paid WWE wrestlers of 2020.


10. Kevin Owens – $2 million (£1.525 million) a year

Kevin Owens started out quite early. He initially wrestled under his own name, Kevin Steen and performed on various independent circuits. Although the Canadian born wrestler spent a good part of the end of last year on the injury list, he is still considered one of WWE’s highest paid wrestlers of 2020. With a decent merchandise sales and consistent appearances at pay-per-views events, he is regarded as one of WWE’s most dependable performers.

Kevin Owens (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

9. Dean Ambrose – $2.2 million (£1.678 million) a year

Dean Ambrose (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

Not very long ago longer, American born Dean Ambrose rejected a 5-year contract worth just over $1 million a year, which goes to show that he is raking in more from  his overall earnings through merchandise and revenue.

8. The Undertaker – $2.5 million (£1.9 million) a year

The Undertaker (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

Given his 5 match appearance in 2018, it’s clear that The Undertaker  has earned quite a lot from  appearances. He is one of the top-rated stars in WWE history and now that he’s getting on a bit, it does take a few dollars to get him back in the ring.This comfortably  puts The Undertaker at position 8 position in our highest paid WWE wrestlers 2020. Notably speaking, he wields a large chunk of the goth fan base, which has contributed to the success of  his merchandise.

7. Seth Rollins – $2.7 million (£2.06 million) a year

Seth Rollins (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

Good and appealing  t-shirts are key for wrestlers, and as Seth Rollins consistently puts out shirts that you would only be slightly conscious of wearing in public, it’s no wonder he gets a big money boost. These and his WWE earnings puts Seth at position 7 in our highest paid WWE wrestlers 2020.

6. Randy Orton – $2.9 million (£2.21 million) a year

Randy Orton (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

He need no introduction, a WWE’s veteran performer by standard, Randy Orton wrestles less every year that goes by. While this is expected to take a toll on his earnings, it connotes value and easily places him as the sixth highest paid WWE wrestler 2020.

5. Triple H – $3.2 million (£2.44 million) a year

Triple H (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

With a  $1.7 million salary comes success on many fronts.American born  Triple H made a decent number of in-ring appearances last year, and as a highly popular star is still very capable of high merchandise sales. He also gets bonuses and stock awards. This feat by our very own Triple H places him at number 5 in our highest paid WWE wrestlers 2020.

4. AJ Styles – $3.5 million (£2.67 million) a year

AJ Styles (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

Those gloves are a best seller sell. In fact,most people use them as battle  gloves when they have to do some gripping. This already very high figure could soon be increasing as WWE look to convince Styles to sign a contract extension.

3. Roman Reigns – $4.3 million (£3.28 million) a year

Roman Reigns (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

Big on the kids. He sells a hell of a lot of t-shirts and also has the glove thing going on. Like Dean, Roman is set to take a cut out of the glove market. Roman is the biggest full-time star in WWE and considered the future of the company, so it’s unsurprising that he’s getting the big bucks.

2. Brock Lesnar – $6.5 million (£4.95 million) a year

Brock Lesnar (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

It’s quite impressive  how little he actually wrestles. Sometimes  dubbed  the smartest person in wrestling given his constant ability to milk more and more money from WWE. The Beast gets around $500,000 per in ring appearance, insane you must think!! He comfortably sits at position 2 in our highest paid WWE wrestlers 2020.

1. John Cena – $10 million (£7.62 million) a year

John Cena (Image credit: wrestletalk.com)

Yes that’s right, John Cena is the highest paid person in WWE. By far. His neon t-shirts, hats and sweatbands are one of the most sold items in WWE history, and with his undoubted main stream star power, WWE have to pay up to keep him.

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