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United Kingdom(UK) is Located in the continent of Europe,  it covers over 241,930 km2 (93,410 mi2) of land and 1,680 km2 (649 mi2) square kilometers of water, making it the 108th largest nation in the world and has a land mass of 242,495 km².

United Kingdom was founded as a distinct and original nation in 1066. The population of United Kingdom is 65.64 million (2016) and the nation has a density of 69 people per square kilometer.

The currency of United Kingdom is the Pound sterling (GBP). As well, the people of United Kingdom are referred British.

The capital of UK is London.

Facts About United Kingdom

The majority of Citizens live in and around the capital city of London, Electricity generation in the United Kingdom comes from three main sources – gas, coal-fired power stations and nuclear. A small but growing proportion of electricity is supplied by renewable. Gas accounted of 46 % of electricity supplied in 2008.

United Kingdom has one the lowest unemployment rates in the world around 4.1%, her citizens are one of the healthiest and most educated people in the world with a life expectancy of 81.60 years (2015).

Food eaten in the UK comprises of Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Yorkshire Pudding, Fish and chips, Shepherds’ Pie, Lancashire Hotpot, Pie and Mash with parsley liquor, Bubble & Squeak, Cumberland sausage.

The most popular leisure activities in UK is watching television. The average viewing time is 25 hours per person in per week. Almost all households have at least one television set. The proportion of households using satellite, cable or digital television was 44 per cent in 2002. Many television programmes are about gardening, holidays, animals, wildlife. These are the things most people in the UK are found doing.

Tax rates in UK ranges from 20% compared to NZ which starts at 10.5% and only goes as high as 40%, this is believed to be due to the high standard of living provided by the government.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is a sovereign country, consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Island.

England and Wales were united in 1536, then Scotland joined in 1707 and Great Britain was created and named United Kingdom in 1801.

As of 2013 the population of the UK, is recorded to be 64.1 million. Out of this population England has 53 million, Scotland has 5.3 million, Wales has 3 million and Northern Island has 1.8 million.

The UK’s longest coastline is about 5,000 miles.

The highest mountain in UK is Ben Navis, which is located in Scotland and is 1,340meters high.

In 2010 over 29.6 million people visited Britain, spending an average of 563 pounds per person and spending at least 7 days.

There are over 6700 castles all over the country.

English is the official language in the UK, but they also have languages like Cornish (in Cornwall), Irish and     Ulster Scots (in Northern Ireland), Scots and Scottish Gaelic (in Scotland), Welsh (in Wales).

The UK runs a parliament a parliamentary democracy, which means the government Is elected by the people.

The UK has a general election once in every five years to decide who the new prime minister will be.

The UK has has 76 prime ministers, including Winston Churchill, The Rt Hon David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Sir John Major, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan, Harold Wilson, Sir Edward Heath and many more.

The first female prime minister of the UK is Margaret Thatcher, she is also the longest serving minister in the UK, she served from 1979-1990 and was also Leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990.

The UK joined the United Nations, in 1979, but left in June 2016 after a referendum.

Britain’s exit coined “Brexit”, was word of the year 2016.

The Queen of England is the head of state in the United Kingdom, as a connotational monarchy her majesty does not rule but the royal family fulfils a ceremonial and important role.

At the top of the royal family is Alfred the Great, who defended the Kingdom against the Vikings.

The UK is home to the longest royal castle in the world, the Windsor castle. I was built by William the Conqueror in 1080AD.

The UK driving regulation pegs 18 as the age for eligibility of Alcohol consumption.

The British people consume about 165 million bottles of tea daily.

The UK recently named Chicken Masala as a National dish.

The first fish chips restaurant was opened in 1860 in London by a Jewish Immigrant named Joseph Malin.

Haggis is one of the most popular national foods in Scotland. It is made of Sheep’s Pluck, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt.

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is presented every year by the people of Oslow min gratitude for London’s assistance in world war two.

The London underground subway, is one of the oldest subways in the world, the 409 escalators in the station cover a weekly distance equal to several tris around the world.

The 2012 Olympics was hosted by London, this was the 3rd time London hosted the event. First was in 1908, second in 1948.

The distance between England and France is 21 miles, both countries are connected by channel tunnel. The tunnel is also the longest underground tunnel in the world.

John and Mary are the most popular names in the UK, dating back 500 years.

Smith and Jones are the most common Surnames in the UK.

England has the highest rate of obesity in Europe.

The UK has played host to some of the world’s largest entertainers such as, Beatles, Robby Williams, Rolling Stones, Queens, The Who, Oasis, Spice Girls.

Liverpool is home to the Beatles, who are the highest selling musical artists of all time.

The most watched TV episode of all time in the UK is Eastenders, the soap was set in London. In 1996 a Christmas day episode attracted over 30 million viewers.

Only Fools and Horses is British Sitcom. It was created and written by John Sullivan. It was one of the most popular comedy TV shows in the UK. The first episode aired on 8 September 1981, and ran through 64 episodes and 16 specials, the theme songs were” Hooky Street” and “Only Fools and Horses”.

In 2014 10,000 umbrellas were lost in the undergrounds as well as 20,000 mobile phones.

It was just above a Pub named “The Red Lion Soho”, that Carl Max drafted the communist manifesto.

The UK is a great Football nation, having 5,300 Clubs, 7000 teams and over 100 stadiums across the UK.

Football was almost outlawed by Edward the 1st, 2nd, 3rd   and 4th.

Sausages are popular in the UK, they were introduced by the Romans in 400AD, and now have over 470 recipes.

The smallest cities in the UK are St. Davies and Pembroke shire, with a population of 1,797.

the highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5Degrees C, recorded on August 10th 2003.

The Met office found in Snowdonia , the Lake District, British Islands record more than 4 meters of rain a year.

French was originally the official language of England for around 300 years from 1066 to 1362.

The worlds largest second-hand book market can be found in HAY-ON-WYE, a small village on the border of England and Wales.

HAY-ON-WYE is famous for proclaiming itself independent from the UK in 1977, with a man named Richard George William Pitt Booth, born on 12 September 1938. He is a welsh Bookseller.

During world war 2, decolonization took place and the British common wealth was formed, which united these countries into an intergovernmental group. 54 nations were part of the with Queen Elizabeth as its head.

The average person the UK reads about 38 kilos of newspaper a year.

People from the city of Liverpool are known as Scousers, the name is short for Labskaus, which is a Scandinavian.

The clock tower in UK is also called Elizabeth tower.

Before the UK used Pounds, they had other currencies such as Sterling’s, Shillings and Pennies.

Birmingham is the second largest city in UK, and there more than 30 other places called Birmingham in the world.

In the UK Jaspers are also known as Wartz and Dodmans also known as Snail, Lady Birds as Bishy Barney Bees, and money known as Kewter.

According to the British it’s perfectly legal to kill any Scots man who enters York, if he appears to be carrying a bow and arrow.

Killing Swans is illegal in the UK, because they belong to the Crown and therefore a property of the Queen, injuring a Swan carries a penalty of 5,000 pounds or 6 months in jail.

Wildlife in the UK includes foxes, badges, Owls, Squirrels.

The UK has a native snake called Adder, though nobody has been has died from it in over 20 years.

The national anthem “God Save the Queen” was first practiced in 1745, in Drury Lane WC2 after a performance by the Alchemist.

Three golden lions are the symbols of England’s crest, and also appear on England’s Football teams symbol too.

The lions came from Henry the 1st known as lions of England.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire England, 2 miles west of Amesbury. It consists of a ring of standing stones, with each standing stone around 13 ft high, 7 flat wide and weighing around 25 tons.

The British Library in London is the largest library in the world. The library has more than 170 million items catalogued.

England’s first telephone directory was published in 1880 and only had 248 names and Addresses in it.

London has had names in the past such as Londonium, Ludenwic, Ludenburg.

The UK is the home of NHS nation health services, which provides free healthcare for all citizens in the country due to funding from taxes.

There are over 1.4 million employees in the UK’S health service.

England was part of the shortest war in history, they fought Zanzibar in 1986 and after 38 minutes Zanzibar surrendered.

A relative of Shakespeare Edward Adan was arrested for plotting against Queen Elizabeth. He was imprisoned in the tower of London and executed.

With 37 plays, 154 Sonnets, Collab and the lost plays, Shakespeare wrote an average of 1.5 plays a year since he first started in 1589.

Shakespeare has been credited min Oxford dictionary for introducing 3,000 words. Its estimated that his vocabulary ranged from 17,000 to 23,000 words.

An Anglophile is described as someone who loves England and  Britain.


























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