Amazing & Untold Facts About North Korea


North Korea is Located in the continent of ­Asia, it covers over ‎ 120,408 km2 (46,490 mi2) of land and 130 km2 (50 mi2) square kilometers of water, making it the 99th largest nation in the world and has a land mass of 120,408 km2 (46,490 mi2) ².

North Korea was founded as a distinct and original nation in 9 September 1948, Shtykov served as the first Soviet ambassador, while Kim Il-sung became premier. The population of North Korea is 25.37 million (2016) and the nation has a density of 208 people per square kilometer.

The currency of North Korea is the North Korean Won (KPW) As well, the people of North Korea are referred as Koreans.

The capital of France is Pyongyang and life expectancy rate is about 86 years.


Facts About North Korea

North Korea is about the same size as Pennsylvania.

The internet in North Korea is closely monitored by the Government and citizens can only have computers if government says so.

North Korea is the only country in the world practicing Necrocracy, a form of government in which operates under the rules of a former dead leader.

Marijuana is legal in North Korea, it can be sold ang gotten easily around the country.

In 2012 a military officer was killed with a mortar, for drinking during a 100-day mourning period of Kim Jung-Li.

In 2012 North Korean Archeologist announced they found a unicorn lair meant to be the lair of the Unicorn ridden by ancient King Tongmyong the founder of the Koguryo Kingdom.

North Korea holds elections once every five years, but the ballot cards only have one option on them.

Based on loyalty to the North Korean regime, citizens are placed in category consisting of 51 ranks. If you are in the lower categories you could be watched closely with a magnifying glass or even be killed.

All music in North Korea is controlled by the state and has to glorify the regime in order to justify its existence.

In North Korea if you are caught listening to western music you’ll be executed.

One of the gruesome execution methods in North Korea is death by Flame Thrower.

North Korea built fake villages around the demilitarized zone to try to get South Koreans to move to North Korea.

In the fake village of Kijong-dong, North Korea uses loud speakers to play propaganda twenty hours a day.

North Korea has a three-generation punishment rule, where if you commit a crime, your child and grand child would also be punished for the crime.

The most popular attraction in North Korea is the Kumsusan Palace of the sun, home to Kim ii-sungs embalmed body. The site is open to visitors from Thursdays and Sundays.

North has a really bad economy, so bad that it has a GDP of $1,800 per capita.

Economy is so bad that power goes off at night, school children provide their own desks and chairs, human faeces are used as fertilizer because of shortages.

In North Korea there are only 1,500 IP Addresses made available while the population comes in at about 2.5 million.

Less than 3% of the roads in North Korea are paved.

Though the North Korean economy is in shambles, they managed to erect 34,000 statues of kim ll-sung.

North Korean’s citizens are required by law to wear a badge carrying Kim ll-Sung’s face. Tourists who have unwavering respect are awarded badges too.

North Korea has a different Calendar from the rest of the world, known as Juche Calendar. It was adopted in 1997 and begins with the year of Kim ll-Sung’s   birth (1912 or Juche 1 to North Korean’s) which translates to 2018 in Pyongyang is Juche 107.

North Korea is home to the world’s largest stadium, the Rungrado 1st of may stadium and is located in Pyonyang.

The stadium has a capacity of 114,000 spectators. It also plays host to the Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang, a choreographed festival of music and dance. The event was last held in 2015.

Once upon a time in North Korea, teachers were mandated to play the accordion.

In 2012 an accordion band from North Korea became YouTube sensation for their hit version of “A ha’s take on me”.

Obtaining a tourist visa to North Korea is quite easy, provided you are willing to comply with the rules. You also have to be booked on a pre-planned tour with two North Korean guides for company.

North Korean Visa’s typically take around six to eight weeks to acquire.

Visitors in North Korea are expected to bow to the statue of supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Those who violate this law are locked in their hotel rooms for the entire duration of their trip. Offenders are asked to write a letter explaining their actions to the people of DPRK.

In North Korea people have to choose between 28 haircuts, 10 for men 18 for women folks. These are hair styles the government was chosen as acceptable.

Married Women in North Korea must have short hair, but single ladies are allowed more options.

Since the Korean War in 1963, 30,000 North Korean managed to escape and move to the South.

The old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong was a big movie fan, with a movie collection of over 20,000 movies.

The abduction of Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee occurred in North Korea between 1978 and 1986. Shin Sang-ok was a famous South Korean film director married to actress Choi Eun-hee.

Kim Yo-Jong is the younger sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, she was born in September 26 1987.

Kim Yo-Jong is said to be married to Choe Song, very little is known about him.

In North Korea owning a bible or watching a South Korean movie is punishable by death.

In 2013 Kim Jong-un reportedly killed his uncle by throwing him into a pit of 120 starving dogs. This was after he got information that his uncle had proposed to China to overthrow him and replace him with his brother.

Kim Jong-un was buried with a Mac book. His Mausoleum contains a car, a Yacht and a train carriage.

In North Korea, you are only allowed to communicate with people within the country. International calls are illegal and punishable by death.

In 2013 a Korean man was executed by firing squad for calling his friend who lives in South Korea.

North Korea only has 5 TV channels, which are state run, they are only available after 5pm an on weekends.

In the 1990’s approximately 3,000,000 people died from famine in North Korea, some resorted to cannibalism.

Students in North Korea have to wear their uniforms at all times even when not in school.

The most important subject in North Korean education is the study of the Kim family.

According to a textbook in North Korea, Kim learned to drive at the age of 3.

I you are born on 8th July, you are not allowed to celebrate your birthday as that is the day Kim Il-sung died.

You can only live in Pyongyang if you are considered one of the best people, according to the Guardian 3 million people live there. These people are considered trustworthy, healthy and loyal in order to keep up appearances to foreign countries.

If you are caught criticizing the government of North Korea, you’ll be sent to a re-education camp, here you must endure hard labour and relearn the values of the regime.

In 2013 80 Christians Christ were executed in North Korea for owning a bible.

North Korea once captured a boat belonging to the USA, it was called USS Pueblo. It was a Banner class environmental research Ship; the ship was attached to Navy intelligence as a spy ship. The ship was captured by North Korean forces on 23 January 1968.

One of the highest crimes in North Korea is to leave the country without state permission.

Its illegal in to wear Jeans North Korea.

The region between North Korea and South Korea is called the demilitarized zone.

The national animal for North Korea is the Chollima, a mythological winged horse.

North Korea has over 1,000,000 military personnel.

Kim Jung-un is recognized by over 5o titles including Supreme Leader, Our Father, The General, Generlissima.

The average Salary in North Korea $1500.

The Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea is the tallest building in the country. It was started in 1987 and is still isn’t finished. It has 105 floors, and 3000 rooms.

In 2015 North Korea created its own time zone called Pyongyang time and is 18 hours ahead of GMT.

North Korea is the 8th most corrupt country in the world.

You are not allowed to take pictures of the poor in North Korea, visitors are also not allowed to talk to citizens unauthorized.

The only people allowed to use vehicles in north Korea are government or military official.

The cost of escaping from North Korea to China.


























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